High-quality hardware and software, assistance with promo materials and exhibitions, technical and sales support, individual terms of partnerships, free trainings — this is only a short list of benefits we provide to RULA distributors all over the world.

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  • Reliable hardware & software. We develop and manufacture all products in the EU and export them to more than 40 countries
  • Marketing Support. We help with promotion by providing print materials, organizing joint publications and co-activities in your region. Your company will be guaranteed max exposure on our website and on social media.
  • Sales Support. Demo version of software and hardware, flexible payment terms & warranty, short lead-time, comprehensive online demonstrations, and joint customer presentations upon request will help maximize customer reach.
  • Technical Support. We provide EU-based service and responsive technical support along with a local adaptation of tech papers and marketing materials to the specifics of your country.

Our Activities
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  • 2 software releases per year
  • 14 products developed from scratch
  • 20+ international events
  • > 40 countries of presence

Turn-key solutions for all fields

At RULA Technologies, we produce vibration control and data acquisition systems, recorders, and spectrum analyzers. The modular principle of our controllers allows you to create a configuration with up to 1024 input and 64 output channels, hosting more than 20 software options. 
We supply solutions for Automotive, Research and Development, Aerospace, Power and Energy, and many other industries. Our systems can carry out tests in accordance with the standards BS N60068-2-27, ISO16750, ISTA, ISO 16063-21, and many others.

Partnership options

  • • Controller / DAQ / full product range distributor
  • • Сountry / group of countries / regional distributor
  • • Exclusive / non-exclusive distributor
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Vibration Testing Package
Transient capture
Field data replication
The sequence of tests
Fatigue test
Data recording
Sensor calibration
Microphone calibration
More about TestUP
Data Analysis Package
Signal Scope
Statistical Analysis
Octave Analysis
Arithmetic Operations
Editor files
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TestUP Advantages

  • +20 Test types and features
  • Well-developed MIMO and MISO
  • Dedicated calibration module
  • Black-box mode and test sequences
  • User-defined automated test report
  • Sensor and shaker database

SignalUp Advantages

  • 17+ types of analysis and utility modules
  • Export and import in .mat, .csv and other formats
  • Сompatible with all RULA devices
  • Balancing mode for rotors, engines and helicopters
  • Modal analysis and 3D-graphs
  • Open API

Implemented solutions

MIMO testing of railway rolling stock
MIMO testing of railway rolling stock

With the rapid rise of high-speed railways, the industry has a higher demand for vibration testing, especially Sine and Shock.

How to transport aircraft parts safely
How to transport aircraft parts safely

One of our customers, an aircraft manufacturer, decided to test the load during the transportation of aircraft engines and components using the vibration and shock recorder RL-R17.

Vibration Testing to Prevent Shipment Damage
Vibration Testing to Prevent Shipment Damage

Long-distance shipment might damage the products. Our customers use the RL-C21 controller to simulate low-frequency vibration during delivery and ensure the safety of the goods.

Vibration Reliability Test in Battery Production
Vibration Reliability Test in Battery Production

Vibration testing and resonance search are essential for production of environmentally friendly battery packs. Gotion chose RULA devices to prevent potential damage to its products.

Resonance Search and Tracking in Robotics
Resonance Search and Tracking in Robotics

Resonance search and tracking can prevent potential failure in buildings, airplanes, bridges, electrical equipment or even robotics. Read how it works in our new case.

Rotor Balancing
Rotor Balancing

A helicopter-manufacturer contacted us with a vibration issue. After trial runs of a serial helicopter, the pilots complained of a high level of vertical vibration in all flight modes.

Rotor Balancing (coaxial scheme)
Rotor Balancing (coaxial scheme)

A manufacturer of small 2-seat helicopters with coaxial scheme contacted us with an unexpected issue

Vibration Sensor Calibration
Vibration Sensor Calibration

In vibration testing it is essential that the transducers you are using during your tests are accurate and reliable. An efficient vibration sensor calibration software makes the process easy and fast...

Our additional Services

Software Demo & Free Updates
Curious to see how our software performs? Try our free demo, where you can explore the full range of test types and experience the benefits of controller emulation. We provide free updates forever with backward compatibility for all Windows versions starting from Windows 7, so you never have to buy the system twice.
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We are confident in our products and constantly improve their technical characteristics and our own software for testing and data analysis. We guarantee the flawless operation of our devices and offer long standard warranties and extended warranty terms for the selected items.
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We value your time and quality of our products: all RULA Technologies controllers get to the client pre-calibrated. It is recommended to perform calibration verification annually to guarantee the health and effectiveness of your system.
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We continue to help our customers and partners master RULA hardware and software with our online education courses. The benefits of the course include: an individual program tailored for your needs, a Q/A session with our experts, a live demonstration of our hardware and software.
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