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Step-by-steps guides to the most frequent testing and measurement procedures
How to Form a Report in RULA Software
RULA software automatically generates a report when you complete a test, giving you an easy way to analyze and data. In this article we’ll learn how to configure the process and choose a default text editor for your reports.
How to Set Up Network Connection in 7 Steps
RULA controllers require a working internet connection to function. Learn how to set it up in this article.
How to Scale Random profile
RULA Software calculates the acceleration RMS automatically when you create a test profile. However, you can also change it manually.
How to Sync Multiple RL-C21 Devices in 3 steps
Testing spaceships, cars, planes and other massive objects for resonance may require multiple interconnected controllers. In this article we will guide you through the process of connecting up to 8 RL-C21 devices in 3 simple steps.
How to Choose an Accelerometer
The sensor market is oversaturated, and it is getting harder to choose the accelerometer that suits your needs. We have written a short article with this problem in mind. First thing to consider when choosing the right accelerometer for your vibration testing system is...