Vibration control and data acquisition system

Top-of-the-line vibration control system for electrodynamic shakers, featuring up to 8 input channels in one box, direct control of power amplifiers, support for voltage and temperature measurements, and combined vibration and climatic tests.

A direct successor to RL-C21, RL-C21M is an advanced multi-purpose device with improved metrological characteristics and powerful testing capabilities:

  • Extended frequency range: DC ÷ 80000 Hz;
  • Extended voltage measurement range up to 40 V;
  • DC current and DC voltage measurement;
  • Thermistor and thermocouple connection.

The device has a modular scalable architecture and comes in two modifications with up to 8 input channels in one unit. RL-C21M can be scaled up to 64 input and 16 output channels to perform multishaker vibration testing or acquire data from a large number of sensors.

RL-C21M system allows for direct power amplifier control and combined vibration and climatic tests. The controller visualizes temperature and humidity-related data and generates automatic reports.

RL-C21M combines three primary functions in one box thanks to the dedicated software solutions:

  • Vibration testing system with a vibration control software TestUP
  • Sensor calibration system with a calibration module
  • Data acquisition system with software for data recording and analysis SignalUp




TestUP v44 (x86)
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  • Input channels
    1 ÷ 64 (4/8 per unit)
  • Input type / Sensor type
    IEPE, TEDS, linear, charge, displacement, velocity, force, strain*, temperature
  • Voltage range
    ±10 ÷ ± 40 V
  • Dynamic range
    120 dB
  • Number of digital inputs


  • Output channels
    1 ÷ 16
  • Number of digital outputs


  • Frequency range
    DC ÷ 80 000 Hz
  • DAC/ADC resolution
    24 bits
  • Temperature range
    10 ÷ 40 °C
  • Dimensions
    < 395 x 280 x 55 mm
  • Weight
    2.7 kg
  • Power supply
    110 ÷ 245 AC, 47(63) Hz V
  • Sample rate
    up to 216 kHz
  • Power consumption
    < 50 VA

Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU

Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

Program interface

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

TestUP does not see the device. There is a message saying that the device has not been found.

Are the settings of channels and shakers, which I specify, saved?

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Product information

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