Vibration and shock recorder

Battery-powered portable vibration and shock recorder. The device has an embedded 3-axial accelerometer and a high-accuracy temperature sensor. The acquired data is stored in the non-volatile internal memory with a real-time stamp for subsequent analysis.

The device has a sturdy aluminum casing and is rated IP65 water & dust resistant. It has a wide measurement range for both acceleration and temperature and provides accurate data with a low error rate.

The acceleration sensor has adjustable sensitivity and sample rate for different applications. The temperature sensor has a flexible sampling period from 1 minute to 1 hour.  

The data logger operates in two modes

  • continuous recording 
  • shock-event recording 

Continuous recording mode stores all acceleration data. In shock-event mode, only the acceleration values exceeding the user-defined trigger level are recorded. Acceleration trigger levels can be specified for individual axes. Each shock event includes a user-defined time interval before and after the shock.

The device delivers up to 1 month of uninterrupted work, depending on the mode, sample rate, and battery type.  

RL-R17 is easy to use with one control button and LED lights on the front panel indicating its status and recording mode.

The shock recorder connects to PC through a standard IP65-protected USB2.0 socket. While connected, it can perform recording online and display data on graphs in real-time. 

RL-R17 works with VisShock software. The software complex allows the user to configure the device, manage the recordings and process the data. The software provides graph display, data analysis, and spectrum calculation capabilities.




LogUp, v.19
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  • Number of axes
  • Acceleration range
    ±15, ±190 g
  • Acceleration sensor accuracy
    ±5 %
  • Temperature sensor accuracy
    ±1 °C


  • Frequency range
    0.1 - 800 Hz
  • Temperature range
    -40..+60 °C
  • Dimensions
    120x110x36 mm
  • Weight
    0.73 kg
  • Sample rate
    0.05..3.2 kHz
  • Battery life
    720 h
  • Case material
  • Enclosure rating

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