RULA provides high-quality 24/7 support via phone, email, and TeamViewer to solve the customers' problems. Our clients value short response time and solutions we develop individually to suit their needs.

We organize on-site and online training, provide pre-sales consulting and continuous customer support from the moment of purchase. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or tasks you might have.  

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Do you need help with RULA hardware or software? Please consult the list of popular questions and information about products in this section. For your convenience, we have gathered all Frequently Asked Questions, brochures, videos and leaflets on this page. 

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Software Demo & Free Updates
Curious to see how our software performs? Try our free demo, where you can explore the full range of test types and experience the benefits of controller emulation. We provide free updates forever with backward compatibility for all Windows versions starting from Windows 7, so you never have to buy the system twice.
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We are confident in our products and constantly improve their technical characteristics and our own software for testing and data analysis. We guarantee the flawless operation of our devices and offer long standard warranties and extended warranty terms for the selected items.
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We value your time and quality of our products: all RULA Technologies controllers get to the client pre-calibrated. It is recommended to perform calibration verification annually to guarantee the health and effectiveness of your system.
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We continue to help our customers and partners master RULA hardware and software with our online education courses. The benefits of the course include: an individual program tailored for your needs, a Q/A session with our experts, a live demonstration of our hardware and software.
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26 April 2024
Webinar "Introducing RL-R17 Key Features and Upgrades"
Simple, robust, IP-65-protected with more than 1-month battery life, RL-R17 is a great addition to RULA product line. To help you put this device on your radar, we recorded this special April webinar.
01 December 2023
New Trainig Video "Transient Time History Vibration Test: Usage and Setup"
Sometimes we all get tired of instructions. Therefore, we decided to record short training videos in which we show examples of how to run tests and other software options. Today is about TTH.
09 November 2023
New Training Video "Shock Response Spectrum Vibration Test"
Sometimes we all get tired of instructions. Therefore, we decided to record short training videos in which we show examples of how to run tests and other software options. Today is about SRS.
13 October 2023
New Webinar "MAXIMIZE Sine, Random and Shock"
October 26th at 11 am EEST we are going to look at an absolute must-have for any vibration test engineer – Sine, Random and Shock test types – at a different angle.
04 October 2023
Test Up Integration into external software
We continue to fill our YouTube Channel with the useful and educational videos.
15 September 2023
New Webinar "RULA Impact Hammer" — September 21st at 11 am EEST
September 21st at 11 am EEST we are going to present our newest addition to the product line.
29 August 2023
Record, Analyze, Refine: Webinar About Data Analysis
Last month we held a webinar about recording, analyzing and refining vibration data with SignalUP.
17 April 2023
New RULA Webinar on April 26 "How To Choose a Vibration Testing System"
Do you have a vibration testing task, but don't know where to start with choosing the system?
29 March 2023
New RULA Webinar Video About Vibration Testing in Packaging
In our new webinar we will explore the range of hardware and software options for vibration testing in packaging along with the standards used in the industry.
02 March 2023
New Video: Advanced Sine Tutorial
We continue to fill our YouTube Channel with the useful and educational videos.
03 February 2023
New Seminar Soon
We are pleased to announce the nearest joint seminar with MITS Solutions in Malaysia.
17 January 2023
Webinar 26th January — Vibration Testing in Automotive
We are shifting gears for 2023 and beginning the year with a new exciting event.
14 December 2022
Special Christmas Webinar from RULA
We prepare a special Christmas treat for RULA users. Learn more →
07 September 2022
10 Ways to Mess Up Your Vibration Test → New RULA Webinar
In the new webinar we will share the experience RULA engineers accumulated through the years to highlight the common mistakes some users make and how to avoid them.
15 March 2022
Alliantech Now Offers Certified Installation Service
Support & Application Engineer at Alliantech has completed our course on RL-C21 hardware & software. You can now order RULA systems as well as get help with installation and support directly from Alliantech.
01 March 2022
Pre-Release TestUP is Available
We are glad to announce that users of RULA software TestUP can check the capabilities of the oncoming release of our vibration testing software.
13 December 2021
RLC-21 Unboxing & Vibration System Setup
In today's video we decided to open a mysterious black shipment case of our staple vibration controller and show, what waits for you inside.
01 December 2021
December 15th — New Vebinar «Multishaker Tests with RULA»
The webinar will be helpful for anyone involved in environmental testing and measurement industry.
14 October 2021
New Video: How to Set Notching Limits for Sine and Random Tests
Different acceleration values at the attachment point and at the end points might inflict critical damage on the device you are testing. Learn how to keep your equipment safe with Notching Limits option of RULA Software in our new educational video.
29 September 2021
Webinar about Modal Analysis in RULA Software
If you've missed our webinar on September 16th, we've got you covered.
23 August 2021
VisMobile — RULA Software for Android
Experience our new mobile engineering vibration calculator with a clean, user-friendly interface and an array of features at your fingertips.