Dive deep into the topic of vibration testing and data analysis with RULA webinars. Catch us live or watch the VODs to learn about RULA Software and products in detail.
Webinar "Accelerometer calibration with RULA Technologies"
During the webinar we showcase:
☑️ Our automated calibration software
☑️ Possible equipment configuration for best calibration results
☑️ Calibration procedures according to ISO 16063
☑️ Calibration using Sine and Random
☑️ Mounted resonance frequency and how to determine it with RULA devices.
Webinar "Transient Capture & Shock Logging"
In this webinar we will show you:
☑️ Capabilities of RULA systems when working with shock machines
☑️ Features of Transient Capture Software
☑️ Our brand-new shock logger RL-R17
☑️ Specialized software for transport vibration and shock recording
Webinar "Multishaker Tests with RULA Technologies"
In this webinar you will learn:
☑️ Key parameters and capabilities of RULA multishaker module;
☑️ Range of dual-axis and triple-axis tests supported;
☑️ Advantages provided by RULA multishaker solution;
☑️ Test setup procedure.
Webinar "Resonance search"
What is a vibration resonance? How harmful can it be to your products? In our second webinar we answer these and many other questions concerning the vibration resonances. During the session we are using the built-in Resonance Search and Dwell functions of TestUp software to detect a resonance of the test object and to dwell on it.
Webinar "Common Test Profiles"
Some of the test types, especially Sine, Random and Shock, are considered to be 'a gentleman set' of vibration testing. With this thought in mind, we organised our first webinar, where we showed the basics of RULA software and what it's capable of on an example of the most common and popular test types.