At RULA Technologies, we are deeply rooted in the field of academics and dedicated to fostering the growth of university labs and research centers worldwide. With our reliable and flexible equipment for vibration testing and data acquisition complemented by user-friendly software packages, we are ready to support and empower the next generation of test and reliability engineers.

Bring your research to the next level

RULA Technologies offers the most reliable and precise vibration testing, data acquisition, and calibration systems on the market. With a low fault rate and CE certification, we guarantee years of uninterrupted work.

Here's what our customers appreciate the most:

  • Compliance with international testing standards & profile templates
  • Effortless setup and connectivity
  • Seamless integration with any electrodynamic shakers and sensors
  • Comprehensive tech papers, user manuals, and video materials
  • Open API and easy integration with external software
  • Free educational resources

your investment

  • Tailored "University Package" for vibration testing
  • Versatile equipment for testing, data analysis and calibration
  • Demo keys and free trials
  • Free software updates
  • Extended warranty and lifelong technical support

Introducing the University Package

We understand the unique requirements of academic institutions and are committed to providing you with the most cost-efficient solution. Our starter package is specifically designed for universities, providing an easy-to-use vibration testing set.
Send us your specification, and our team will curate the best budget-friendly vibration testing solution for universities tailored to your needs, with the academic discount already applied. 
  • RL-C25


    At RULA Technologies, we cooperate with shaker manufacturers worldwide. Before shipment, we conduct a thorough test run to guarantee system reliability.
  • RL-C25


    With RULA Technologies, you can trust that your sensor is not only compatible with our systems but also meets the highest quality standards.
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Vibration Testing Package

Shock Response Spectrum
Transient Capture
Field Data Replication
Transient Time History
Sequence of Tests
Fatigue Test
Data Recording
Sensor calibration
Microphone calibration
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Data Analysis package

Signal Scope
Statistical Analysis
Spectrum Analysis
Octave Analysis
Arithmetic Operations
File editor

More about SignalUP

A Perfect Upgrade to Your Research Lab

Upgrade your research lab equipment with RULA Technologies and experience the power of our comprehensive bundle, combining cutting-edge equipment, intuitive software, and exclusive academic pricing.

Flexible: We have established partnerships with shaker and sensor manufacturers to bring you affordable and powerful solutions to suit your task.

Secure: All equipment is quality-checked at our site to provide a plug-and-play turnkey solution we trust in.

Versatile: Our systems combine vibration testing, data acquisition and calibration capabilities.

Implemented solutions

MIMO testing of railway rolling stock
MIMO testing of railway rolling stock

With the rapid rise of high-speed railways, the industry has a higher demand for vibration testing, especially Sine and Shock.

How to transport aircraft parts safely
How to transport aircraft parts safely

One of our customers, an aircraft manufacturer, decided to test the load during the transportation of aircraft engines and components using the vibration and shock recorder RL-R17.

Vibration Testing to Prevent Shipment Damage
Vibration Testing to Prevent Shipment Damage

Long-distance shipment might damage the products. Our customers use the RL-C21 controller to simulate low-frequency vibration during delivery and ensure the safety of the goods.

Vibration Reliability Test in Battery Production
Vibration Reliability Test in Battery Production

Vibration testing and resonance search are essential for production of environmentally friendly battery packs. Gotion chose RULA devices to prevent potential damage to its products.

Resonance Search and Tracking in Robotics
Resonance Search and Tracking in Robotics

Resonance search and tracking can prevent potential failure in buildings, airplanes, bridges, electrical equipment or even robotics. Read how it works in our new case.

Rotor Balancing
Rotor Balancing

A helicopter-manufacturer contacted us with a vibration issue. After trial runs of a serial helicopter, the pilots complained of a high level of vertical vibration in all flight modes.

Rotor Balancing (coaxial scheme)
Rotor Balancing (coaxial scheme)

A manufacturer of small 2-seat helicopters with coaxial scheme contacted us with an unexpected issue

Vibration Sensor Calibration
Vibration Sensor Calibration

In vibration testing it is essential that the transducers you are using during your tests are accurate and reliable. An efficient vibration sensor calibration software makes the process easy and fast...

Our additional Services

Software Demo & Free Updates
Curious to see how our software performs? Try our free demo, where you can explore the full range of test types and experience the benefits of controller emulation. We provide free updates forever with backward compatibility for all Windows versions starting from Windows 7, so you never have to buy the system twice.
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We are confident in our products and constantly improve their technical characteristics and our own software for testing and data analysis. We guarantee the flawless operation of our devices and offer long standard warranties and extended warranty terms for the selected items.
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We value your time and quality of our products: all RULA Technologies controllers get to the client pre-calibrated. It is recommended to perform calibration verification annually to guarantee the health and effectiveness of your system.
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We continue to help our customers and partners master RULA hardware and software with our online education courses. The benefits of the course include: an individual program tailored for your needs, a Q/A session with our experts, a live demonstration of our hardware and software.
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