How to update the internal software of RL-C21 and RL-C25

To update the RL-C21 and RL-C25 controller’s software, take the following sequence of actions.
  1. Open the window of the software update by pressing «Controller software update» in the ribbon tab «Configuration».
  2. Enter the file path with the extention .vszf into the field «File path» manually or by pressing «Browse…». The file may be obtained with the manufacturer by downloading the installation package from the website or from the installation disc included in the device’s complete set.
  3. Choose the network card, to which the controllers are connected, from the drop-down list in the tab «Choose a network card».
  4. Choose the devices to be updated from the list (check the corresponding boxes).
  5. Press «Update the selected devices» and wait until the end of the update.
  6. Follow the indications given in the message, which will appear on the screen after the update has been completed.