How do I check that the tachometric sensor is mounted correctly before starting balancing?

Connect the sensor to Channel 9. Enable Oscilloscope mode on the device and select Channel 9. Wave a piece of reflective tape in front of the sensor a few times. The plane of reflective tape and the sensor ray should be orthogonal. The oscilloscope should distinctly display rectangular pulses, when the tape is in the sensor FOV.  It is also recommended to turn the object of balancing several times after you have mounted the sensor, so that the mark gets into the sensor FOV. If the sensor is directed correctly, the oscilloscope will also display rectangular pulses.

I accidentally deleted the “User Data” folder and its contents. How do I restore it?

The “User Data” folder and its contents will restore automatically when you start working with the device. However, the recording files, measurement reports, etc. will not be restored.

After a firmware update, the device does not load. What am I to do?

Find the “Backups” folder in the “User Data” directory on the SD-card. Copy the files from this folder to the root folder of the memory card. The firmware will go back to the previous version (before the update). In any case, please contact our technical support.