Pre-Start Check in VisProbe SL

Pre-start check is a convenient function of RULA software that allows you to double-check the test parameters and prevent equipment failures.

During the first start, VisProbe SL will ask you to set the default settings. One of these settings is Start check. If you select it, you will see a Start check settings window after you press the start button in the control panel. In this window, you can find profile settings, shaker configuration, limits, test directories, and the configuration of channels. Start check will help you get rid of any mistakes in your profile and run the tests correctly.

Pre-start Check — Default settings

Pre-start Check — Start check window

You can also enable this window in the default settings window by checking a corresponding box.

Pre-start Check — Default settings window

RULA Software has an embedded pre-start check function, which is intended for checking the connection of the controller to the amplifier, the amplifier – to the shaker, and the presence of feedback from the accelerometers. To start it, click “Diagnostics” on the “Main” ribbon tab. The graph panel will then display the oscilloscope window with the additional “Pre-start check” panel.

Pre-start Check — Pre-start panel

Use the “Start” button to deliver a Sine wave of pre-defined frequency and amplitude (“Frequency” and “Amplitude” tabs) to the selected analog output (“Output” tab). To stop the pre-start check, press “Stop”. During the pre-start check, you can change the voltage and frequency of the delivered signal, as well as the output you are checking.

In the right-hand side of the window, you will find the standard oscilloscope control panel.

You can only run a pre-start check when no test is started. When you start a test, the “Pre-start check” panel will automatically close, and the program will escape the pre-start check mode.

Pre-start Check —  a test with pre-start check

If you have any problems setting up the Pre-start Checkcontact our 24/7 technical support via email or call +371 6610 2166.