RL-C21 is a state-of-the-art vibration control system for electro-dynamic shakers. The system is distinguished by simplicity, reliability and high safety standard. The controller has a modular scalable architecture, which allows the user to get from 1 to 32 input channels.

The configuration of RL-C21 system is flexible: it is determined by the user and can be modified at any time. The most innovative techniques of digital signal processing are embedded in the system. All calculations and safety checks are run by a DSP directly in the controller. This feature provides the highest level of shaker protection. The system enables running multishaker tests and successfully controls two- and three-axes shakers, as well as vibration shakers with up to 6 degrees of freedom. The presence of a galvanic isolation in the input chains allows effectively protecting input chains from breaks.

RL-C21 is used with a specialized vibration test software package VisProbe SL.

Technical Features

Analog channels 1 ÷ 32
ADC resolution, bits 24
Frequency range, Hz 0.1 ÷ 35000
Sensor type IEPE, TEDS, charge, displacement, velocity, force sensors
Filtration Analog, digital high-pass and low-pass filters
Voltage range, V ±10
Dynamic range, dB ≥ 120
Noise level, µV ≤ 20
Channels crosstalk, dB ≤ -100
Analog channels
1 ÷ 8 control channels,
Up to 8 COLA channels
DAC resolution, digits 24
Frequency range, Hz 0.1 ÷ 35000
Relative frequency error ≤ 5×10-5
Filtration Analog filters, digital high-pass and low-pass filters
Voltage range, V ±10
Dynamic range, dB 120
Dimensions, mm 390 × 274 × 54
Weight, kg 2.3
Supply voltage, V 110 ÷ 245
Working temperature range, °C +5 ÷ +50